About Us

Meet Laura & Nahela


What can we say…we love a good party! Weddings are the ultimate party and we love to be behind the scenes, making the party happen. For fifteen years Laura has been coordinating weddings for family and friends and finds great fulfillment in helping others. With nearly ten years planning and coordinating private events, parties, and a few weddings, Nahela has found a love for seeing someone’s party vision come to life. Together we make up the mother-daughter duo of Stiched Together Weddings and Events!

Why Us?


With more than 20 years of experience of planning and coordinating between us, we can honestly say we LOVE weddings. Your wedding day is all about bringing families together and as a mother-daughter duo we place a high value on family coming together to celebrate. We are available to hire as individuals or as a duo. Our goal is make sure your wedding day truly is, the best day ever. We are also available to plan private events to help you celebrate that special occasion! We are committed to working alongside you to “stich together” all the pieces of your dream wedding or special celebratory event.

Why a Coordinator?


In our experience we have found that too often brides don’t know where to start in their planning. Many are not prepared for the amount of work it takes to plan a wedding in-between their regular schedules. And that’s where a Coordinator comes in!    

Here at Stiched Together Weddings and Events, our mission is to make the journey to your wedding day as seamless and stress-free as possible. We are here to help you “stich together” all the special details to create the perfect day. By hiring Stiched Together Weddings and Events, we guarantee that you and your guests will get to enjoy the whole party without worrying about the details you’ve planned for the Big Day.