Rave Reviews

Jim & Jeri - 2006


When I was planning my wedding, I needed someone who I could trust to coordinate everything on my important day and asked Laura if she would be that person for me. I got all that I asked for and more! She worked harder than anyone I know would have done to make sure every detail of my wedding was attended to. Her attentiveness to my every need and minute detail meant a great deal to me. She was able to coordinate with my vendors so that I would be able to focus on other things that day. Ultimately, I was able to relax and be stress-free on my wedding day because I knew that someone who cared was taking care of everything on my behalf. I wouldn't change a thing about my wedding and everything was as I anticipated it to be all because of Laura's unending hard work! 

Beto & Nichole - 2007


Laura Utler was my wedding day coordinator and she was amazing to say the least! My day ran completely smooth thanks to her. Laura had to coordinate the entire set up and when I arrived at the location it was perfect; it was everything I wanted it to be, from décor to seating, it was beautiful. I have had the pleasure of also seeing Laura assist with other weddings and working alongside her. There is NO other person I could speak more highly of; she is able to delegate tremendously, work well with time management, and be extremely professional. If you want someone who has many years of experience but still offers a personable touch you’ll want to hire Laura Utler for ANY event you do!

Alex & Shanna - 2013


Laura and Nahela are such a great team to work with. They made sure everything "day of" was organized, in its place and exactly how I wanted it on our wedding day. I really appreciate how detailed-oriented both these ladies are, not only the day of my wedding, but also during the days leading up to the wedding as well. They asked me questions and made suggestions I would have never thought of to make my day even better. This mother/daughter duo really can't be beat!

Jeff & Mindy - 2014


Laura and Nahela made sure wedding my day was just what I wanted and that everything went smoothly. Knowing they had all the little details under control meant I could relax and just enjoy my day. I couldn't have asked for a better team!

Mike & Aimee - 2015


I have no idea where to start! It seems impossible to condense everything Laura did for us during our 9 month engagement into one review. Laura gave advice, thought of options, and helped executed all my wedding dreams. We had someone who definitely knows how to get a job done and she made sure everything went as smooth as possible. My husband and I still talk about how fun and PERFECT our wedding was for us. We still have friends and family talk about how beautiful the venue and the whole day was. Our whole wedding day would not have been possible without the help of Laura Utler. We have no words as to how happy and completely THANKFUL we are for her acts of service. We love and thank you, Laura!

Charlie & Afton - 2016


Nahela and her mom Laura are truly amazing at what they do!!!!!! They not only helped me months in advance with planning and prep work, but they also took a lot of stress off of myself as the bride by being constantly responsive when I had questions or when I needed to talk about something that had to do with the planning of the wedding. On the wedding day, everything went so perfectly because of them! They did an amazing job planning the logistics of how everything ran the day of so that it could go smoothly. They even stayed well after the time they were supposed to so that they could make sure everything was completely taken care of that was expected at the venue we used. They are highly experienced. Highly recommend them!!!